UFS-Kuzu Postu Polisaj Keçesi, Hakkımızda

Hello !

By production of Lamb Skin Polishing Pad, our company is 
engaged in activity in Automotive OEM and repairing group 
since 1984. It is the only company preferred by the factories, 
which are manufacturing automobile and commercial vehicles, leader in its subject, and by the supporting industry. 

 England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain nad Singapore were 
added to export of our company started with India and Egypt since the year 1999. UFS Co. has become production center of world’s leading automotive factories, supporting industry and repairing groups on Lamb Skin Polishing Pad.

Last year it has exported 78% of its production to overseas. For next year design of our new products is being prepared and its works are continuing. Lamb Skin Polishing Pad production, which belongs to our company, and the machines including them have been registered with the number TR2004-02091 y by R.T. Patent Institute.