How to apply ?

UFS-Kuzu Postu Polisaj Keçesi, Kullanım Talimatları

Standard Usage Properties;

New polishing pad should be absorb the chemicals with hand before the polishing machine starts.

For air pressure machines, maximum revolution speed is 3000 rpm, air consumption is 450lt/min, air pressure is 4-6 atm.

For electrical machines, power is 1200W, maximum revolution speed is 3000 rpm, weight is not more than 3,00 kg.

Applications with the other kind of machines may change the Balance Polishing Pad performence.

Washing Instructions;

Wash with only water (temperature 20-30 °C) and liquid soap and wash only hairs. Polishing Pad hairs become callued and rough in 40 °C and higher temperatures.

After washing, put your  Polishing Pad to the machine, start and spin the pad in highest speed. It becomes dry because of the centrifuge effect.

Polishing Pad may not dry up (Stove, Oven, Electiric Heater, Radiator, Infrared Heaters etc.) with heaters. It causes deformation.

It is inadequate to wash with Solvent, Alcohol, Acetone, Thinner and derived chemicals. You may put your pad to the machine and continue to the compounding process.

Removing Instruction

Pull velcro to remove the polishing pad. If you pull part of a foam, it will not resist to power and will be dimidiated.