UFS-Kuzu Postu Eldiven, Diğer Ürünler

Lambskin Gloves

This product is especially designed for amateur users while washing, varnishing or polishing cars, motorcycles, bicycles, yachts, boats, etc.
It is also used for polishing furniture and accesories and nickel plated parts. It is easy to manipulate and very safe and secure agains hurts and bleessings.

UFS-Kuzu Postu El Pedi, Diğer Ürünler

Polishing Felt

It is mainly used while manually polishing. Rubber band covers the hand’s upper surface and the lamb’s wool felt enables a slight and soft rubbing. It is perfect mean to eliminate brush scratches or holograms on painted surfaces.

UFS-Kuzu Postu Kusakli Polisaj, Diğer Ürünler

Belted Polishing Pad