Usage Area

Lamb skin part also 100% natural and hairs features are soft, smooth, deep is wavy and thick wool layer.

It is suitable for use in automotive industries concerning OEM, in OEM painting over metal, in OEM plastic applications, in zones with radius on paint, hood, in yacht - gelcoat applications, in narrow curved fields of high
gloss painting systems of furniture lacquer. 

Why should we use ?

A padding has been formed by curling of edge parts between 70 and 90 degrees average. 
It presents a usage of very compatible to inclined, angled zones.
Rapid access to indents and bulges.
It provides a usage that is simple for amateurs, and that is very rapid and effortles for professionals. 
It has an incomparable speed in scratch removing operation. 
Thanks to perfect adaptation that it provided with machine and pad, the balance problem occured during 
operation, disappeares. 
Made of 100% Australian Lamb Skin. 

Technical Specifications