Usage Area

It is suitable for use in automotive industries concerning OEM, in OEM painting over metal, in OEM plastic applications, hood, in yacht gelcoat applications, in narrow curved fields of high gloss painting systems of furniture lacquer.

The pink pad is recommended for flat surfaces and furniture industry. The cream pad is recommended for flexible and ergonomic areas and also for automotive, air craft industry and for yatching sector.

Why should  we use ?

Thanks to technological adhesive within the pad, balance achieves maximum success in applications 
made by orbital machine.
The special structure of pink pad + cream pad provides your machine to make balance.
When you make pressure to the Balance Polishing Pad, the Pink Pad + Cream Pad absorbs the pressure 
that come from the surface. It leaves the force equally to the surface. 
Thus, it provides equally finishing.
The newest adhesive technique brings a best advantage which Balance Polishing Pad is unstitched.
Balance Polishing Pad has no gathered and unbalanced hairs because of the pad does not include stitch.
Polish and compound spreads equally toward the surface.
Balance Polishing Pad can be wash and it brings economic benefit.
Made of 100% Australian Lamb Skin.

Technical Specifications