Innovative, Technology Development

UFS continues its journey began in 1976 without compromising its innovative approach and adhering to the highest quality manufacturing principles.


From Aircraft Industry to Furniture, Automotive and Yachting...

Innovative and powerful products, which are developed by UFS, are recognized and preferred in a wide range of industries in 21 countries in 4 continents


We will be in Automechanika in 11-15 September

We will be waiting for our esteemed customers in Stand 11.1 B 18 in the Automechanika Frankfurt exhibition to be held in Frankfurt, Germany between 11-15 September.


How our products are prepared? What our customers think about our products?

“The structure complying with curls offers excellent performance in oval parts…”
“As we can find seals, which are appropriate for every part, we prefer to work with UFS…”
"MARINE, which is produced for nautical sector, removes opaqueness and scratches in a very short time...."

Kuzu Postu

Why UFS uses 
Australian Lamb skins?

The Australian Lambs are the only species that have the finest hair which is 49,5S-85S quality and 24.9-18.8 micron strong and have the thickest skin layer, on the bottom curly and on the surface straight keratin flake structured known around the world.